Connecting to Docker Image Repository


Provide a Docker image

The source of your Docker image, which can come from a private repository that the credentials are provided. For Docker Hub images, use the following URL format:


If you are pulling a public image from Docker Hub, use the following format:


If you are using for your image repository, you will use the following URL format:<namespace>/<image_name>:<tag>

If you are using Google Container Registry for your image repository, you will use the following URL format:<project_id>/<namespace>/<image_name>:<tag>

How To Add Docker Image Repository

You need to go to Account –> Keys & External Services –> Docker Image Repo and click on ADD A PROVIDER or click on + if you already have one and want to add a second one.

When you specify the Google Container Registy as a Docker image repo you need to choose I'm using a different provider or my own custom repo and use the following settings:

  • Custom Repo provider URL =
  • Username for provider = oauth2accesstoken
  • Password for provider = (output of the commmand $ gcloud auth print-access-token)
  • Email address for provider =

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