Getting Started with Container Stacks v2


Container Stacks v2 (or CSv2 for short) is the next generation of Cloud 66 Container based stacks. CSv2 comes with the same ease of use of the first generation of Docker stacks but backed by Kubernetes.

All documentation pages relating to Cloud 66 Docker stacks apply to CSv2, including Getting Started with Docker and Getting Started with Maestro with the exception of the items listed in this document.

Whats CSv2?

Container Stacks v2 is a Docker Container based stack that allows you to deploy your container based applications to any server on any public or private cloud. CSv2 is backed by Kubernetes and benefits from all other Cloud 66 features.

How can I use CSv2?

To deploy a container based application using CSv2, select the "Use Containers Stack v2" option when setting up a deployment for your stack. You can see a simple Getting Started guide for Skycap (the container native CI/CD product from Cloud 66) and Maestro (application management product from Cloud 66).

What's changed in CSv2?

CSv2 has all the same features of Cloud 66 for Docker (CSv1) with the following exceptions:

Backed by Kubernetes

CSv2 uses Kubernetes as its orchestration engine. It also replaces Weave with Calico as the main network provider for containers.



The following attributes are deprecated in CSv2 service.yml:


Build Commands

Build Commands in service.yml will run before all service containers are up. This means you cannot use Build Commands for operations that require other services to be present. The best workaround is to use Deploy Commands instead.

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