Toolbelt redeploy command


Redeploy your stack

This is an alias for the stacks redeploy command, which triggers the deployment of a stack from the command line, just like clicking on redeploy in the UI.


$ cx redeploy [-s <stack>] [-y] [--git-ref <git_ref>] [--service <service>] [--service <service>] [--service <service>]


Parameter Description
stack Name of your stack
e (optional) Your stack environment
y (optional) Automatically answer yes to any prompts
git-ref (optional, non-Docker) Redeploy the specific git reference (branch, tag or hash). Non-Docker stacks only.
service (optional, repeatable, Docker only) Will deploy the specified services from your stack only. Each service can have an optional colon-separated reference which is image tag or git reference for image based services, or for git based services.
listen (optional) Will follow the deployment and log progress output


$ cx redeploy -s "My Awesome App" -e production
$ cx redeploy -s "My Awesome App" -e production -y --git-ref my_git_ref_value
$ cx redeploy -s "My Awesome Docker App" --service web:8c7f3d393162f88b8b9493f6babec574b03ca957 --service api:latest

Deploying a stack that is already being deployed will enqueue your redeploy command and will run it immediately after the current deployment is finished.

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