Security summary

We take your security extremely seriously at Cloud 66. In order to protect our customers and ensure safe access to their code, infrastructure and servers, we take a wide and deep set of measures to ensure access control, security, damage prevention and error protection.

Infrastructure security

Our servers are protected with firewalls and intrusion protection systems to protect from malicious traffic. We have lock-out mechanisms in place to prevent automated attacks, as well as monitoring for any malicious activity, and logging.

Credit Card Information

We do not store any payment information like credit card details on our servers. All credit card information is handled by a third party ( Stripe).

Customer protection

All customer sensitive data including API keys, SSH keys and passwords are encrypted with a multi-network setup for the decryption mechanism.

We take a wide range of other measures to improve user’s stack security, and to help them to improve their security by upgrading their stacks. Cloud 66 connects to user’s servers only from,,,, addresses and all provisioned servers are configured to only allow connections from these IP addresses.

Additionally, customer source code is only kept for a limited period of time.

Reporting security issues

We take customer security very seriously. Please contact us if you would like to talk to us about security.

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