EasyDeploy repositories


About EasyDeploy repositories

There are many open source projects out there that we love and use, and we want to make it easier for people to use them.

EasyDeploy makes it easy for you to simply provide the git URL of your desired project on Cloud 66 and sit back while it deploys on your servers.

When you see the Cloud 66 EasyDeploy badge on a repository, you can:

  1. Sign into your Cloud 66 account
  2. Visit the EasyDeploy App Store and select your project
  3. Make yourself a coffee while the project deploys

Using EasyDeploy repositories

You can see the repositories that we currently support from the EasyDeploy App Store. Please contact us on hello@cloud66.com if you would like to add your project to this list.

Remember to check the repository documentation for possible login credentials and environment variables. If you forget to set environment variables during your first deploy, you can always set or change them at a later stage.

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