Audit Logs

An Audit log for all account activities

Audit Logs records every activity performed by any of your team members in your account. Each record contains the exact date and time, displayed in your timezone alongside the team member’s email address, IP address and some details about the task performed.

Here is what’s recorded for each activity:

  • Activity name (ie. Signin, Redeployment, Download SSH Key,…)
  • Date and time of the activity, shown in your timezone
  • IP address of the browser or API client
  • Country, Region or State and City of the IP address
  • User’s email address and Gravatar
  • Extra information about the activity, if applicable

Any activity whether from the web UI or the API client (like the Toolbelt) is recorded. Also, any activity by Cloud 66 support agents performed as part of helping you with an issue is also recorded and shown in the activity log.

Search Audit Log

You can search the audit logs using the activity name, the date range of the events or both. Search is case insensitive.

Accessing Audit Logs

You can see your account’s Audit Logs under your Account menu. Only account owner can view Audit Logs.

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