Buildgrid Settings

BuildGrid Settings

On this page you view your account and user BuildGrid settings. The BuildGrid is used to build docker images from your source code - for more information about the BuildGrid please look here.

Account Settings

The Image Namspace for your account is generated automatically. This will form the namespace of all docker images that are build within this account. Ability to change this value coming soon for premium accounts! The following examples assume a value of fantastic for your Image Namespace - then your images would look like:

User Settings

Here you will see your username and password. Note that these are specific to your user, not this account. You can use these credentials to login to the Cloud 66 Private Registry and pull down your images (should you wish to use them somewhere other than your stack servers) To use your BuildGrid username and password you can do the following:

docker login
> enter username
> enter password
docker pull<your-image>

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